Forever in Our Hearts


Captain was pulled from the Brevard Animal Care Center in June of 2018 under Smiling Dog Rescue. He was at risk of being euthanized for grabbing the leash, which can be dangerous to handlers. We agreed to work with him for 2 weeks, enlisting the help of Ambassador Bullies to help train him prior to placing him into a long term foster home. The long term foster fell through, and Captain came back to us. We soon discovered a growing mass behind his soft palate which affects his breathing and appears to be terminal. Somewhere along the way, we fell in love with Captain and he became part of our family. It didn’t matter that he was no longer “adoptable”. We are working closely with Dr. Craig to manage his inflammation and quality of life and are hoping he will continue to thrive under her care. He loves his barkbox toys, a good game of fetch, and often poses with craft beers. Captain keeps the house young, and we couldn’t love this crazy boy more.


Chloe had been at the shelter for quite some time and was gravely ill when we got her. We had hoped her prognosis would be better but it was not to be. So we made her comfortable, surrounded her with love and let her know that she was a very good girl during her last days. Although our time with her was brief she will be missed.


Beautiful Nova came to us from the shelter very ill in the last hours of her life. We were hoping for more time with her but that didn’t diminish the time we did have. In the few hours we had together we learned she was the sweetest angel who enjoyed being loved on and especially liked her ears rubbed. We are better for having known her and are thankful to have been able to surround her with love at the end. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

Max RIP.jpg

Max came to us after spending a month in the county shelter after being found stray. Poor Max was in rough shape when we pulled him into rescue...he was thin and not gaining weight, and wasn't appearing to be getting any better. We unfortunately lost Max after a short 3 weeks in our care. It was a short time, but he had so many moments filled with love at the end. He was a goofy sweet boy and he will be missed.

Tater - 1.jpg

Tater came from a “red zone” list and was moved to foster where we discovered he was in renal failure. Tate had 4 months of comfy beds and lots of love and good food before he lost his fight. He was the sweetest boy who had a very rough life prior to coming into foster, and experienced 4 months of being completely spoiled at the end We are grateful to have known him. RIP Tate Chip

Bertie - 1.jpg

Bertie was found unresponsive laying in a ditch by animal control and eventually ended up in the County shelter. She was emaciated, dehydrated, had maggots in her ears, and was found to be heartworm positive. Upon further examination it was discovered she had torn both her cruciate ligaments at some point in her life. But Bertie was a fighter. She overcame almost all of her ailments, but one day both of her partially torn ligaments ruptured completely and she couldn’t walk. This sweet girl had 4 months of being spoiled and knew love at the end.

Arya - 1.jpg

Arya came to us from another rescue who wanted to help but wasn’t set up for hospice care. We only knew this girl for a few short weeks, and unfortunately she never made it to her long term foster home. But she was well cared for and surrounded by love in the end….and sometimes that is all we can do.

Jake 2.jpg

Jake was found wandering the streets with a note attached to his collar that said his original owner passed away and he had nobody left to care for him. Jake was brought to the Brevard County shelter by animal control and soon after intake, they discovered he had prostate cancer and he was deemed a hospice dog. Jake was placed in a loving hospice foster home where he was spoiled rotten in his last weeks. He enjoyed hot dogs, french fries, sleeping under the covers with his foster mom, and nightly butt scratches. We were so blessed to have Jake in our lives and to give him love, comfort and peace in his final moments. R.I.P little guy.


Lily was a Touch of Grey resident and was adopted by us as a puppy. She was born the runt of a litter from a 3 legged stray found in the fields of Trumansburgh, NY. She came to us highly anxious and has always struggled with her anxiety, especially during thunderstorms and fireworks. In 2013 Lily had surgery for a slipped disc which almost caused her paralysis in her back legs. We cancelled our anniversary trip to pay for her surgery and take care of her that year, and we called her “Aruba” for a while :) Lily fully recovered from her surgery but became highly anxious in her senior years, even more so when she lost her hearing. She paced for hours every night, at times getting stuck in corners or falling in our pool. When we could no longer help her with her mental anguish, we decided we had to let her go. She was our first dog, and was loved so much. She will be forever in our hearts. Fly high sweet girl.

Henry - 1.JPG

Wendy met Henry while volunteering at the Brevard shelter in the summer of 2017. There is no air conditioning there, and Henry would sit in his kennel, usually panting and crying. He remained there for almost three weeks before we finally broke down and took him home under Smiling Dog Rescue. Henry had impaired vision, kidney disease, arthritis, and was almost completely deaf. Despite all of these ailments, he had a spunky personality. Like most old men, he loved soup and wearing sweaters. Henry would awake from his nap in the bedroom and come into the kitchen barking to demand soup anytime he smelled it cooking. Henry also had a tendency to fall in the pool. So when our sliders were open and we had business calls, he would sport his life jacket just in case…and he rocked it! Henry suffered from a seizure 8 months after being rescued. He was our first hospice dog, and the experience was equally as rewarding as it was heartbreaking. Henry was a big inspiration behind starting Touch of Grey.


Tanner was extremely scared at the shelter, and at an estimated 11 years old, it was no place for him to be. Wendy took him home in June of 2018 under the “ambassador adoption” program which gave her 30 days to find him a home. Luckily a family friend offered to adopt him, and Tanner spent his days lounging on a dock overlooking the river. Unfortunately, Tanner suffered from a neurological condition which caused him mental suffering and sudden seizures, and we lost him a few months later. We are so grateful that he had a loving home in his final months and was able to exit this World in a peaceful state. Often times, this is what rescuing seniors is all about. RIP Tanner.


Archie is the perfect example of why we use heartworm preventative. This sweet old boy had advanced heartworm disease with extreme atrophy, and fluid retention. We took him from the shelter thinking we would give him a great last few weeks or months. Little did we know how bad off he was. We quickly realized the level of his distress and made the decision to help Archie cross the rainbow bridge to end his suffering. Sometimes we don’t have the endings we are hoping for, no matter how hard we try. Archie had the sweetest demeanor despite the neglect he clearly endured. He only experienced a short period of time with us out of the shelter, but we are thankful to have known him. He won’t be forgotten. RIP Archie