In memory of Doug Neil McDowell

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The man, the myth, the legend.  If you were lucky enough to meet Doug, you would know that he was a funny, kind, spirited and introspective man who loved spending time with his wife and three senior rescue dogs.  Doug was diagnosed with colon cancer, and lost his fight to the disease within months of his diagnosis. In the end, he was surrounded by his family, friends...and his dogs.  Doug had a soft spot for the senior dogs in his own home, and we witnessed his enjoyment when we relayed tales of rescue adventures with our geriatric furry friends. After Doug's passing, his wife Cheryl made a generous donation to Touch of Grey Rescue in his memory. This donation inspired us to start "Doug's Dogs", a remembrance initiative created to help save dogs that are in need of immediate, and often times expensive medical care.  These dogs are at a very high risk of euthanasia due to their age and condition, yet they often have a few years (or more) of quality life once their medical needs are addressed. With the funds from Doug’s Dogs initiative, we are able to pay for their surgeries, treatments, and medications, then place them into loving foster or adoptive homes where they live the rest of their lives blissfully happy and pain free. Thank you to Cheryl and Doug, and everyone who contributes to this cause in his memory.

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Dogs saved by Doug’s Dogs fund

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Lacy was our very first Doug’s Dog. In fact, we rescued her within hours of receiving Cheryl’s donation! Just that morning we said we were on hold due to the amount of dogs we had in foster, and our limited resources. Well….Cheryl gave us more resources! And we couldn’t say no to this sweet face. Lacy had a horrible cough and was extremely lethargic at the shelter and therefore due to her age and condition she was about to be euthanized. So with the help of a rescue army, we were able to get her out of the shelter and transported to Melbourne where we picked her up, and immediately brought her to our vet. It was discovered that due to her compromised immune system, Lacy had a severe case of kennel cough with surrounding inflammation. She is now starting to feel better and has moments where she acts like a puppy! She is a sweet adorable little girl and once she is fully recovered, we will be scheduling her spay and dental.

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We saw a 911 post on Facebook for this sweet little girl who was in the Orange County Animal Services Shelter in an indescribable pain. Not only was she covered in fleas and her bottom caked with feces, both of her eyes were in a horrific condition. Snow’s “before pics” that we received from the ophthalmologist are just too graphic to share, as the lens on one of her eyes was essentially hanging off. She was initially found on the streets like this and brought in to animal services. Theyy attempted to treat her eyes with drops and pain meds, as she would scream and thrash in pain. Snow needed immediate specialty care, and most shelters (and even many rescues), just don’t have the finances or resources in place to be able to provide that care. With the help of Doug’s Dogs fund, we were able to get her transported directly from the shelter to an eye clinic in Orlando where they performed emergency surgery to remove both her eyes. Snow couldn’t see before, so being blind is nothing new for her…but being pain free is. This sweet girl is so happy and content roaming and sniffing around her yard, and getting lots of love and attention from her foster parents. She will also need to be spayed once she is feeling better but we’re going to give her a few weeks out of her cone first!