Adopted and Forever Home!

Morgan 1.jpg

This smiling face belongs to marvelous Morgan. She’s a sweet and easy 15 lb girl who’s estimated to be around 9 years old . She gets along great with dogs and cats and her favorite pastimes are naps and going for walks.

Nemo 4.jpg

If you’re looking for a lap dog with an adorable underbite and loads of personality then Nemo is your boy! He loves to snuggle and cuddle in your lap but he’s also perfectly fine lying in his own bed when you’re busy. He’ll politely let you know when he needs to go out by making a cute little goat like noise which will get a little louder if you’re not paying attention. He gets along with dogs and cats but will correct them if they start annoying him. He does have arthritis but he still enjoys long walks and rolling around in the grass.

Percy 3.jpg

What’s black and white and cute all over? Percy! He’s approximately 10 years old and weighs 18 lbs. He knows how to sit and shake and is working on stay. He’s housebroken, enjoys car rides, loves to sleep on your lap as long as you will let him and, as you can see, he loves soaking up the sun. He’s good with other dogs and we can cat test if needed.


Say hi to Latte! She’s 60 lbs of cuteness, estimated to be around 8 or 9 years old and appears to be perfectly healthy.  She loves to play and is a snuggler with kids and adults.  She also gets along with all dogs. 


The adorable Peanut is a 10 years old and 25 lbs of sweetness. She found herself in rescue when her homeless owner entered a mission shelter that did not accept pets. She loves to snuggle and gets along well with other dogs. She has shown interest in cats but listens well to corrections.


Cooper a/k/a Super Cooper lived most of his life outside before he found himself in the shelter. But once he had the opportunity to move inside a real home his life became a whole lot better and this happy boy enjoys snuggling with his humans and brightening their days with his smile.


This happy face belongs to Chance who is estimated to be about 13 years old. Chance enjoys being around people and taking in all the smells the world has to offer whether he’s in a fenced in yard or on a leash. He’s good with other dogs but does not appreciate them in his personal space so we think a home with older or more mellow dogs would be the best match for him. Cat testing can be done upon request.

Stewie - 1.jpg

Meet Stewie! Stewie is estimated at 11-12 years old and is 16 lbs. He is a super sweet and adorable boy who has impaired sight and is hard of hearing. That doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest though! He enjoys being around his people, cruising around a fenced in yard, and taking naps in a comfy bed. Stewie is perfectly well behaved with other animals as he pays them no mind. He would make a great addition to any home!

Mr. Rogers 2.JPG

Mr. Rogers is a sweet old man estimated at 12 years old. All he would like is a fenced in yard and access to all the sniffs! True to his beagle heritage, Mr. Rogers is happy following his nose around for hours....and then loves some snacks. He’s great with other dogs and cats.

Oxford 2.jpg

Oxford is estimated at 8 years old and weighs about 50 lbs. He is a silly goofy boy who is somewhat playful but also likes to nap and relax. Oxford likes going for walks, sniffing around a yard, rolling in grass, and chewing on nylabones or a stuffed kong. Most importantly, Oxford likes being with his humans and receiving some pets and attention. Oxford is great with other dogs, kids, and cats. He has shown some anxiety with thunderstorms but is doing better with medication and his thundershirt!

Mya - 1.jpg

Meet Miss Mya….Mya is estimated around 11-12 years old and is as sweet as can be. She is great with other dogs, cats and loves getting butt pats and pets from her humans. Mya still needs to be treated for heartworm disease so is not quite available for adoption just yet.

Bubba - 1.jpg

Bubba is 7 years old and estimated at 70 lbs. He is a sweet but extremely timid boy who just lost the only home and people he had ever known. We are going to give Bubba time to decompress in foster home, along with some medication and training to help him…but we will be looking for a furever home for this boy who understands he needs time to come out of his shell.


Say hello to Tucson. This sweet, snugly boy is estimated at 14 years old. He was severely underweight when he came into rescue but is slowly gaining now that he’s enjoying good food in his foster home. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs and enjoys soft blankets and cuddles.

Whistler - 2.jpg

This is Bruce. Bruce is about 10 years old, and almost 70 lbs. He is a sweet boy and extremely smart. He learned how to use the dog door in his foster home immediately, and has been found to know how to open doors and move suitcases off of his humans bed so he can take naps while thy’re away at work! He gets very happy to see his foster mom after a long day at work, and is very vocal with his greeting to let her know he missed her. He has had a mast cell tumor removed so was originally deemed a hospice dog, but Bruce could easily have a good year or two left in him to offer a family. Bruce is a very happy boy with moderate energy, and does very well with other dogs and children. We can cat test upon request.

Linda - 2.jpg

Say hello to Linda! Linda is estimated at 7 years old and she weighs about 70 lbs. She should weigh closer to 60, so she’s on a diet! Linda is a sweet girl, who appears to be very smart and also non reactive to cats and dogs.


Meet Hunter! Hunter is estimated at 9 years old and weighs about 36 pounds. He is great with other dogs (unsure about cats) and really loves being around his people. He is a sweet boy who bonds quickly and deeply with his humans.

Snow - 2.jpg

Snow was rescued from the shelter where she sat in indescribable pain. We pulled her and brought her directly to an eye specialty center where she had to undergo emergency surgery and have both of her eyes removed. Now that she is recovered, our little Snow ball is a happy and sweet little girl. She couldn’t see before either, so the only thing she has had to adjust to is living pain free. Snow is estimated around 10 years old and loves to fall asleep on her back while you rub her belly.

Lacy - 1.jpg

Lacy came from Miami and is so happy to be out of the shelter! This sweet girl weighs about 20 lbs., and loves to rest comfortably in a dog bed. She is a sweet girl that gets along with dogs and cats and is looking for a place to retire. Lacy is housebroken, rides well in a car, likes to eat, take naps, and roam around in a yard or on short leashed walks. She appears to have an old injury in her front leg which is probably arthritic so she doesn’t do great with stairs. We are looking for a one level home for her unless someone would like to carry her :)

Archie - 1.jpg

Archie is quite possibly the sweetest and quietest most calm chihuahua we have ever met! This boy does well with other dogs, cats, and kids. He is just content lounging around, taking naps and getting lots of snuggles. Archie has a heart condition but should be expected to live a normal life with medication. We are looking for a home than can provide him with some peace and quiet with lots of love.

Dolly - 2.jpg

Dolly is around 12 years old and as one vet said “blind as a bat”! She doesn’t let that stop her though….while she may need help getting around she enjoys sniffing in the yard and relaxing on the couch with her humans. Dolly had a dental where it was discovered her jaw was fractured. She had a wire placed and is currently in recovery. She will need to be re-checked in a few weeks to ensure the fracture is healing. Dolly is great with other dogs and cats, and needs a home where someone is able to give her the care and attention she deserves.

Abby - 1.jpg

Meet Abby! Abby is a sweet black lab mix estimated around 8 years old and 50 lbs. She loves all dogs big and small, and is great with kids. Abby is sweet and shiny and has more energy than some of our seniors although she also enjoys her naps and snuggle time. She enjoys going for leashed walks, playing with other dogs, and chasing a ball. She also is great in the car and at the dog park. Abby would do best in a home without cats.

Howie - 1.jpg

Howie was picked up from an Orlando shelter within hours of his deadline. His owner had requested euthanasia due to a tumor that had ruptured and he couldn’t care for. We scooped Howie up and got him directly into our vet where that was removed. Howie may be close to 14 years old, but he is full of pep and fun. He is so sweet to everyone he meets including other dogs and cats. He even still likes to play!

Odie - 1.jpg

Little Odie is about 9 years old and 16 pounds. He is the cutest and easiest little guy, just wants a nice bed and loving home. He gets along with all dogs and cats and people and kids.

Maria - 1.jpg

Maria Maria! This sweet old girl was surrendered by her owner and sat in the County shelter for almost two months before we scooped her up. She is estimated around 8 years old and weighs in at almost 80 lbs. She could use a diet :) Maria has a high prey drive but her owner said she was good with cats. She is currently in a foster home where she tries to chase the kitty so the jury is still out on that. Maria tolerates other dogs but if they get in her space she may over-correct. We are looking for a patient and quiet home for our girl to enjoy her golden years.

Kuma - 1.jpg

Kuma is estimated around 8 years old and is almost 60 lbs. This interesting looking boy is so funny and playful, we are kinda surprised he’s a senior! He gets along great with both dogs and cats but does try to play with both. He has such a sweet and non threatening energy that most animals (even our cranky old ones) respond to him favorably! We think Kuma might be some sort of cross between a heeler, husky and/or shephard of some sort. Whatever his breed is doesn’t really matter to us…he’s just a good boy! He responds great to verbal correction, doesn’t jump on the furniture, and is generally easy going. He’s also great with kids.

Payton - 1.jpg

Meet Payton…this adorable little fluff ball is estimated around 15 years old and is as sweet as can be. He has some arthritis through his back and should be on long term pain medication to help him stay comfortable as he continues to age. Payton has some spunk, and you wouldn’t know he has a thing wrong with him! This sweet old man will be scheduled for a dental and ready for adoption soon. He is great with other dogs and cats and doesn’t require much more than a soft bed and a loving home.

3 - Rosa.jpg

Rosa came into Touch of Grey Rescue on International Women’s Day, and after celebrating her freedom from the shelter with a roll in the grass, we named her after the iconic american activist, Rosa Parks. Rosa is estimated between 8-10 years old, and weighs about 50 lbs. She has been living with both dogs and cats in her foster home and she does great with both. Rosa is generally submissive, but still has a playful quality about her. She is great with kids, all adults, and basically anything that moves. Rosa would be an easy addition to almost any home. She enjoys lounging around outside, she’s housebroken, and likes going for car rides. If you are interested in meeting Rosa, please fill out an application!

Sugar - 1.jpg

Sugar is estimated at 8-10 years old and came from the Brevard County Shelter. She had worms in her stool, was covered in flea dirt, and is heartworm positive. She can’t hear very well, and we think she may have experienced some abuse as she cowers with sudden movements. Despite all that is working against her, she is a sweet calm and quiet girl. She is coming out of her shell and starting to give her foster mom and dad kisses. Sugar is great with other dogs and can be tested with cats as well. She is spending her days decompressing and awaiting her first heartworm treatment. Once she is healthy she will be available for adoption.

Sasha - 1.jpg

Sasha is an estimated 10-11 year old chocolate lab who is described as the “typical lab” personality….super sweet, wants to be with her people, and mellow/easy going. Sasha is an estimated 75 pounds, and good with anything that moves including but not limited to dogs, cats and kids. She loves to lay on the couch or in bed with you but is just as happy on a dog bed on the floor. She has lots of fatty lumps but they don’t seem to bother her or slow her down!

Olive - 1.jpg

Olive is estimated at 11-12 years old, and she weighs only 43 pounds. Olive is a hard of hearing, but she doesn’t let that stop her! She is a slow moving sweet girl who enjoys naps, feeding time, and pats from her humans. She gets along great with other dogs, cats and kids. Olive loves going for leashed walks, is housebroken, and enjoys napping in a dog bed or on the floor. She is looking for a furever home where she can just chill and enjoy her golden years.

Marta - 2.jpg

Meet Marta! Marta is a 10-11 year old beagle mix who was adopted out as a puppy from the Seminole County shelter. Somehow, she found her way back there 10 whole years later. She remained in the shelter for almost three months before she came to Touch of Grey. Marta weighs 40-45 pounds, and is currently the only pet in her foster home, but does get along great with other dogs. We can test her with cats if interested. A slow and easy lifestyle would suit Marta well, although she still has spunk left! She loves going for leashed walks, and really loves to eat. Did we mention she’s a beagle mix? If you want to earn Marta’s affection, it’s definitely through her stomach! Marta also likes to nap on the couch and occasionally snores with her tongue hanging out. She’s absolutely adorable.

Ginny - 1.jpg

Meet Ginny. Ginny is 11-12 years old and was adopted as a 1 year old from the SPCA. She spent the last 10 years with the only Mom she had ever known. Unfortunately her mom had to go in assisted living and Ginny couldn’t go along. Ginny had been hit by a car as a puppy and suffered a fractured pelvis, which has impeded her ability to wag her tail. Ginny is a relatively timid, but very sweet girl who is great with other dogs and cats. We think she would be best in a quiet home without young children or loud noises as they seem to scare her a bit. She is looking for a furever home with people who will be patient and loving with her.

Roxy - 2.jpg

Roxy is 7 years old and one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! She does great with other dogs, and basically just minds her business. She initially wanted to chase the cats in her home, but after a couple corrections she was fine with them as well. She enjoys sunbathing outside or on a porch, and taking naps in her orthopedic bed. She loves to sit by your feet and will gently nudge you to continue petting her if you try to stop. Roxy has an arthritic back leg that is currently being managed with an anti-inflammatory. She enjoys short leashed walks though and seems to get around just fine. Roxy is a bit timid around loud noises or bigger dogs, so we’d recommend a quiet house for her. She is great with kids, but a lot of noise and energy would probably make her want to escape to a quiet room. She would be an amazing addition to a one story quiet home.