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Touch of Grey Rescue

Giving senior dogs a new leash on life

Our Mission: 

To provide foster care, re-homing assistance and hospice care to senior dogs that have been left behind by their owners or who are residing in shelters.

Senior Dogs in Shelters

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Data from the ASPCA shows that dogs who are age 7 years or older have only a 25% chance of getting adopted from a shelter. The statistics get worse when it comes to euthanasia. Only 56% of senior dogs have a “live release rate”, which means almost half of senior dogs who end up in shelters are being euthanized. This is compared to a 76% live release rate for younger dogs.

Many senior dogs in shelters have had loving families for several years and are now scared, sad, and confused. Others have had a lifetime of abuse or neglect and were dumped somewhere before ending up in the shelter. Regardless of what happened in their previous lives, our commitment to the dogs we rescue is that their lives will get better…….starting today.

Senior Dogs in Foster Homes

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Our goal is to take as many seniors as we can out of the shelter environment. We also help prevent senior dogs from going to shelters, and healthy dogs from being euthanized just because of their age (yes this happens). We place these dogs into loving foster homes where they will be given medical care, comfortable beds, and lots of love and attention in their final weeks, months or years. Many will be available for adoption, as there is still plenty of life left after 7! While a dog has to be an estimated 7 years of age or older to qualify for our rescue, it does not matter their size, breed, or condition. As long as we have a committed foster home and finances in place for proper medical care, they will not be turned away. Although they are often overlooked, senior dogs still have so much life and love left to offer!

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog, for their time with us is more important than our time with them."

- Sidney jean seward